Students working on science project at lab table

Carthage ISD, in partnership with Panola College, is hosting a summer STEM Career Immersion Camp this week and next week for students in grades 3-8. Students are experiencing fun, hands-on activities with a focus on things like chemistry, coding, robotics, engineering, life science and entrepreneurship.

The program curriculum is provided by Science Mill, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing innovative STEM programs across Texas. These programs are designed to inspire students’ curiosity and give them the confidence, tools and support they need to reach their full potential as a skilled member in the 21st-century STEM workforce.

“This is our first year to participate in this program, and our students are really enjoying their experience so far,” said Assistant Superintendent Donna Porter, Ed.D. “We love being able to provide additional learning opportunities for our students outside the classroom, so this summer program partnership was a great fit for Carthage.”

Students are participating in activities such as coding robots, mixing ingredients to make ice cream, communicating their name in Morse code, and examining owl pellets under a microscope.

The camp instructional team includes April Bagley, Kim Martin and Schelice Reyes from CISD. Panola College graciously provided the lab space in the Health & Natural Sciences building, as well as t-shirts for all the participants.