It is Teacher Appreciation Week and we would like to honor CISD Teachers past and present by asking the community to share your stories! 

“Mrs. Shields taught both of my boys pre-k. From the moment they walked in her door, they were actively learning. They learned when they didn’t even realize they were learning. She devotes so much time to preparing her lessons and classroom so that each and every student would be engaged and it showed in what they came home each and every day telling me. They learned so much in her Pre-K class and they were so ready for kindergarten. They were prepared academically and socially. My daughter will hopefully be in her class next year and I can’t wait to see the excitement on her face each and every day when she comes home and tells me all that Mrs. Shields is teaching her.”

If you have a story about a CISD Teacher, please visit this link to share it with us!