It is Teacher Appreciation Week and we would like to honor CISD Teachers past and present by asking the community to share your stories! 

“My parents, Art and Kim Horton, are much more than teachers. They are role models, mentors, confidants, a friend to many and sometimes a parent figure. They have gone above and beyond the basic call of duty of what a teacher is, especially during the COVID-19 era. They worry about children they teach when they are at home. I was lucky enough to have them both in the classroom and athletics and they are able to relate to students that understand things differently— on top of keeping things fun!

My mom and dad both are extremely dedicated to making sure their students are prepared for testing. I have never had another teacher that could make reading a book seem interesting and no one has made an impact like my dad has when it comes to explaining math, which is difficult for me and many others.”

If you have a story about a CISD Teacher, please visit this link to share it with us! https://forms.gle/RmueobL9Rr1t7SMk6