Pat Smith

It is Teacher Appreciation Week and we would like to honor CISD Teachers past and present by asking the community to share your stories! 

“Pat taught Freshman English and on the very first day of school every year she would give every class a test and ask for 52 prepositions. The Freshmen were terrified anyway, and this really put her mark on them. She loved her students and leaned a little toward the "bad kids." She wanted to make sure every kid could be successful in something. Back then (80’s) teachers had a little more freedom in the classroom and if students were not paying attention, Pat would throw an eraser all the way to the back of the room. Kids were dodging, but she would get their attention. We received a letter from one of her former students who was graduating from college and he was praising Pat Smith for the English she taught him in the 9th grade. He said that year of English is what got him through college. Pat Smith will always be a legend at CHS.”

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