Employee Salary Increases Included in Approved Budget

The Carthage ISD board of trustees approved the budget for the 2023-24 fiscal year, which includes raises for all employees, at last night’s regular board meeting.

“We are blessed with a school board that truly values the people that serve our students each and every day,” said Superintendent Jarrod Bitter. “We appreciate their support immensely as it helps ensure that we are in a position to recruit and retain outstanding faculty and staff members to serve our kids.”

With the salary increases approved in the 2023-24 budget, $1,800 will be added to each step on the teacher salary scale, which provides every teacher with their pay step increase for years of service plus the additional $1,800 for the 2023-24 fiscal year. This increases the first-year teacher salary to $46,800.

Administrators, other professionals and paraprofessionals will receive a $1,000 increase in addition to applicable step increases. Auxiliary workers will receive an increase of $0.50 per hour, amounting to an approximate $1,044 increase per year. The morning/afternoon route bus drivers will see an increase of $500 per year.

These increases are part of a multi-year plan that places an emphasis on providing competitive compensation for all staff, prioritizes teacher salaries, and ensures that the best and brightest continue to choose Carthage ISD as their professional home.

For more information on employment with Carthage ISD, please visit the Carthage ISD Employment webpage.