Panola County Shared Services Arrangement

Proudly Serving: Beckville ISD, Carthage ISD, & Gary ISD

Office Hours:
Monday--Thursday 8 am - 4 pm
Friday 8 am -3:30 pm

Phone Number: 903.694.7541 Fax Number: 903.694.2439
To email any of our personnel please click ther name in the left margin and then click Contact Me.

Special Education Director
Angela Bishop

Secretary to Director
Elizabeth French ext. 1705

Educational Diagnosticians
Kristyn Aaron ext. 1701
Dannett Hooker ext. 1706
Jeanie Lawrence ext. 1703
Judy Langford (part time) ext. 1704

ARD Facilitators
Tonia Crittenden ext. 1709
Jenni Crittenden ext. 1710
Clerk – Nakesa Ware ext. 1128

Speech Language Pathologist
Jessica Derrick ext. 1712

SLP Assistants
Bryce Alger ext. 1714
Kaylie Rader ext. 1714

Speech Clerk
Ariel Roberts ext. 1711

SHARS Clerk/assistant to diagnosticians
Linda Graves ext. 1702

Occupational Therapist
Jenny Williams ext. 1713

School Psychologist
Kim Whitaker ext. 1708