Thank you for utilizing the CHS-TV team to record your event. This program is an asset to our students, district, and our community. Thank you for helping us to continue growing.

The steps to requesting our services is as follows:

1. Please fill out the form located below. This will give us all the details we need in order to get the event on our calendar and begin assigning students.

2. After the form has been completed, Mrs. Patterson will contact you to confirm the details and make sure that students will be available. After this step, your event will be added to our calendar.

Important items to remember:

1. This is a student-run operation. The events are opportunities for students to learn and grow. If there are ways that students can improve, please feel free to contact Mrs. Patterson. However, remember that the students are learning and refining skills as they go throughout their time in CHS-TV.

2. Given that it is a student-run organization, sometimes the deadlines have to be extended based on circumstances only Mrs. Patterson is aware of. Please be patient as you wait to get your finished product. The goal is to get you the very best product we can.

Time is of the essence. The sooner your request is submitted, the easier it will be to find student workers. If you are submitting a request within two weeks of your event, please be aware that the CHS-TV department may not be able to schedule your request.

4. DVD sales fund our scholarship program. We are so thankful for the chance for students to learn, but also to have a way of giving back upon their graduation as they choose to further their education.

Please fill out this form if you
would like to request CHS-TV
to film an event: