Carthage High School UIL Academic Coordinator

Kim Funderburk

903-693-2552 ext 1136,


Coach / Room


Focuses on the principles and practices of accounting including bookkeeping, income statements, balance sheets

Karen McAlister
Room A10

Calculator Applications

Strengthens knowledge of calculations by drawing from current high school algebra, geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus and calculus textbooks.

Angela Hardy
Room E2

Computer Applications

Develops greater computer literacy by emphasizing computer word processing, speed and accuracy, computer skills, database and spreadsheet competencies.

Nancy Dominguez
(See Mrs. Funderburk)

Computer Science

Enhances computational abilities in addition to testing their mastery of Java programming and new technologies in computer science.

See Mrs. Funderburk

Current Issues & Events

Expands the understanding and knowledge of current, state, national and world events and issues.

Kim Horton
Room C7


Cross-Examination Debate(2 Person Team) and Lincoln-Douglas Debate (Individual)

Develops the ability to analyze a problem, conduct thorough research, and employ principles of argumentation and advocate for or against a given proposition.

Russell Rowe
Room B6


Digital Animation, Documentary, Narrative, Traditional Anamation

The purpose of the Young Filmmakers Festival is to provide students with the opportunity to explore the art of cinematic storytelling.

Julie Patterson

Informative & Persuasive Speaking

Develops the ability to analyze a selected topic, formulate and develop a speech, then extemporaneously deliver it to an audience.

Russell Rowe
Room B6


News Writing, Editorial Writing, Feature Writing,

Headline Writing and Copy Editing

Promotes critical reading, writing, thinking and communications skills through the administration of four separate contests.

Tina Marion
Room A6

Literary Criticism

Promotes literary scholarship through literary history and terminology including an essay dealing with a specific topic about a literary passage.

Beth Simmons
Room C9


Advances students math skills, knowledge and understanding in the areas of Algebra I and II, geometry, trigonometry, analysis, analytic geometry, and calculus.

Angela Hardy
Room E2

Number Sense

Fosters math appreciation and skills through a fun, fast paced, 10 minute math and mental gymnastics contest covering all levels of high school mathematics.

Angela Hardy
Room E2

One-Act Play

Fosters high quality creative arts performances in a competition where schools present an 18-40 minute play.

Kim Funderburk
Drama Room

Ready Writing

Promotes advanced writing skills by developing a well balanced expository composition on a chosen topic using supporting arguments and evidence to be the deciding factor in the paper.

Belinda Ratcliff
Room C5

Prose and Poetry Interpretation

Promotes understanding and appreciation of literature through the art of oral interpretation

Kim Funderburk
Drama Room


Challenges the aptitudes on various topics in biology, chemistry, and physics demonstrating the student’s understanding of basic scientific principles.

See Mrs. Funderburk

Social Studies

Enhances the knowledge pertaining to a specific historic event as well as social studies terms and concepts.

Sherri Parker
Room C3

Spelling & Vocabulary

Strengthens vocabulary and spelling usage by drawing directly from high school academic curriculum.

Darla Lister
Room C8