The Carthage High School Athletic Hall of Honor will recognize students of Carthage High School who achieve outstanding success while competing in high school, college, or professional sports and/or international level, and demonstrate good character, sportsmanship, and integrity during and after high school.

Th Athletic Hall of Honor was established at CHS to recognize those individuals who either through participation, support, or interest, have made outstanding contributions to CHS Athletics, and who have helped bring recognition, honor, and distinction to CHS. Coaches and supporters are not required to be graduates of Carthage High School. The inaugural class, consisting of 10 members, was inducted in the Fall of 2012.

The award must be accepted in person; however, awards may also be given posthumously. The recipients will be honored with a reception before a home football game. They will be inducted into the Carthage High School Athletic Hall of Honor complete with a picture and biographical sketch permanently displayed in the Hall of Honor room at Carthage High School.

Please state, in a typed nomination letter, why you believe this person should be considered for the Carthage High School Athletic Hall of Honor. Please cite information about athletic accolades, awards, citizenship, community involvement, and any other relevant information.

In addition to the nomination letter, please include the 
nomination form and a photograph.

Nomination forms must be returned by August 1.